Checon Expands Market Offering with Acquisition of Umicore Electrical Materials USA, Inc.

Checon accelerates its growth in the electrical grid, electric vehicle (EV), and defense markets.

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NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA, October 2, 2023 - Checon LLC, a subsidiary of Alloy Holdings LLC, is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Umicore Electrical Materials USA, Inc. This strategic purchase allows Checon and the Alloy Holdings portfolio of metal solutions companies to expand their market offering and meet the growing demand for high-performance precious metal alloys and fabricated metal systems in the industrial control, electrical grid, automotive, electric vehicle (EV) battery, military device, and consumer specialty markets.

With this new acquisition, Checon broadens its offering of silver-tin-oxide and other high-performance contact materials to reach emerging markets while establishing itself as North America's largest producer of electrical contact products. The strategic move brings in-depth material science application expertise, added manufacturing capacity, supply stability, and enhanced process capabilities to traditional industrial control customers and to those with demanding power distribution and disconnect applications in the electrical grid, EV, and defense industries.

"This acquisition strengthens Checon's position in the industry and enhances its ability to deliver more value to customers with a broader product offering and increased capacity," said Rich Powers, Alloy Holdings Chairman, and Checon CEO. "By deepening our technical expertise at the design and feasibility stages, Checon is committed to providing the highest quality products and services faster to our customers competing in a dynamic marketplace."

With a vast array of metal management resources, automated manufacturing capabilities, and quality assurance systems, Checon and its parent company, Alloy Holdings, are committed to supporting our new acquisition with innovative and cost-efficient solutions that drive success. In addition, Alloy Holdings' strong network of financial partners and ample investment capital ensures the team can stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future growth opportunities for optimal use of precious metals and other conductive materials such as copper and aluminum. For more information about Checon and its expanded market offering, please reach
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