Wire, Strip and Rod Fabrications

From powder metallurgy and process oxidation, to extrusion, casting, rolling, flattening, drawing and final preparation, Checon supports a complete precious metal alloy production and strip, wire, and rod forming capability. Custom precious metal alloys are produced with Checon’s proprietary processes and material compositions.

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Checon's advanced precious metal wire, strip and rod production capabilities provide our customers with a variety of product options, including:

  • Range of Sizes, Widths and Thicknesses to Accommodate Multiple Design and Manufacturing Needs
  • Customized Precious Metals to Meet Specific Performance Requirements
  • Customer Specified Surfaces for Desired End Product Finishes
  • Round, Flat and Shaped Wire Formats to Support the Manufacture of Rivets, Stampings, and Subassemblies
  • A Variety of Coil Weights, Spool Sizes, and Spooling Configurations
  • Low Cost Tooling


  • Silver Tin Oxide
  • Silver-Cadmium Oxide
  • Silver-Nickel
  • Fine Silver
  • Silver Graphite
  • Silver Alloys and Other Materials including Copper

Applications and Markets

Rivet Manufacture

Residential Switches

Light and Medium Duty Automotive and Appliance Switches

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