The substrate components used in assembling many of our customer’s end products are made from precision stamped copper, copper alloys, steel, nickel, monel, and related alloys.


Stamping Capabilities and Products

Checon specializes in reel-to-reel, progressive, and high-speed in-line stamped contacts and multi-dimensional parts. Our stamping operation is highly automated, allowing for increased production and less scrap to produce complex metal parts from incoming base metal coils and strips.

Quality control is built into the part production process, from advanced tool design that meets customer print tolerances, to additional finishing and assembly services for critical supply requirements. Checon’s stamping operation facilitates complex part production by handling the forming, perforation, and drawing at one or fewer stamping machines.

Applications and Markets

Checon's electric power contacts are produced in various material compositions and fabricated forms to meet our customers' demand for power components in the industrial control, switch, electric vehicle (EV), and new energy power grid markets. Our experience in forming precious metals into wire, tip, strip, or rod, created from a mixture of alloy powders, is the foundation of our continuously evolving fabricated electrical power components and subassemblies.

Industrial Controls and Switches

Appliance Controls and Residential Switches

Wiring Devices and Industrial Contactors

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