CNC Machining

Checon specializes in the manufacture of complex, high-performance electric power components and subassemblies using our own precious metal alloy contact materials and CNC-machined copper substrates and bus bars.

While silver-based and other metal contact tips and buttons are essential in most low- to mid-power applications, heavy-gauge copper can be crucial for optimal performance in high-voltage power distribution and power disconnect devices that may also require an additional current-carrying material in a discrete contact.

how we work

Process and Product Capabilties

  • Multiple Haas Automation Series Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)
  • Engineered Fixtures for Rapid Changeover and Repeatability
  • Integration of Autodesk Inventor and HSMWorks Software to Simplify Machining Workflow with CAD-Embedded 2.5-Axis to 5-Axis Milling, Turning, and Mill-Turn Capabilities
  • State of the Art Waterjet Precision Material Cutting

Applications and Markets

CNC-machined substrate components and bus bar subassemblies specified by our customers for high-voltage and demanding power transfer, switchgear, and EV applications are typically produced from extruded copper bars and heavy-gauge copper coil stock.

Power Distribution

Electric Vehicle Batteries

High Voltage Switchgear

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