Engineering, Tooling, and Prototype Services

Robust tooling and new product prototyping are critical to our customers' speed to market, product performance, and project cost objectives.

Checon's engineers, tool designers, and CNC specialists can help adjust part designs to meet functional requirements while considering the material and manufacturing implications.


Engineering Services

Our team of material, manufacturing, and process engineers reviews every new and production part for material, design, and process integrity. We work closely with our customers to analyze their application and design requirements, address challenges before they become problems, and solve material and manufacturing issues. Together, we generate a product fulfillment process that meets performance, quality, and cost objectives.

Tooling and Prototype Services

Checon's team of experienced tool design engineers, tool makers, CNC programmers, and machinists are involved early in the new project review and on-boarding process to ensure product material and dimensional integrity, manufacturability, and optimal cost efficiency. Our team relies on sophisticated 3-D design software, rapid sample generation, and quality testing protocols to achieve consistent, reliable results. This approach enables Checon to resolve potential design and manufacturing challenges before production.

  • In-House, Class A Die Sets for High-Volume, Multi-Dimensional Parts
  • Customized Fixtures and Gauges for Stamped and CNC-Machined Products
  • Specialized Tooling for Low-Run and Prototype Projects
  • Customer-Owned Tool Programs with Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

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