Transit and Rail

Applications and Markets

  • Commuter Rail Switches and Controls
  • Industrial Contactors


Materials and Products

Electrical Contact Assemblies:

  • Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys
  • Powder Metallurgically Produced AgCdO Strip, Wire, Tips, and other Discrete Contacts
  • Internally Oxidized AgCdO, AgSnO Strip, Wire, Tips, and other Discrete Contacts
  • Powder Metallurgically Produced AgNi Strip, Wire, Tips and other Discrete Contacts
  • Joined to Copper, Copper Alloy Substrates, Brazed Profile, and Multilayer Tapes

Refractory Assemblies:

  • Pressed, Sintered, and InfiltratedAgW, AgWC, AgMo, CuW & CuWC Materials
  • Pressed and Sintered AgC & AgNi Compositions
  • Copper, Copper Alloy, Aluminum Substrates, Bus Bar Power Subassemblies
  • Copper Shunts

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