Quality, Analysis, and Sustainability Initiatives

Checon’s continued investment in state-of-the-art lab analysis, vision quality systems, and progressive environmental and sustainability initiatives adds value to our customer partnerships.

We employ rigorous quality assurance measurement systems, engineered to monitor and control the key parameters of each process step, from on-line C-Scan inspection and electronic weld monitoring to automated optical measuring systems and surface finish control. 


Quality Systems

Our extensive capabilities and services enable Checon to control supply, logistics and process challenges early in the product specification, prototype, and manufacturing phases. Checon’s operations are ISO 9001 certified and employ strict 5s, environmental, and sustainability policies to maintain a clean, progressive, and safe environment for our employee community and beyond.

Customer Focused Supply, Logistics, and Stocking Programs

Comprehensive Metals Management with Clean Scrap "Melt to Market", and Recycled Materials

Rigorous Quality Systems, Compliance-Driven Regulatory Processes and Industry Certifications, and Progressive EH&S Programs

Full Analytical and Chemical Material Analysis

On-Site Tool Making and Best-in-Class Lead Times

Specialists in Meeting Customer Requirements

Trusted Financial and Precious Metals Partnerships

ISO 9001:2015;
Six Sigma; LEAN Quality

Vision Sensing and
Data Metrics Quality Inspection

Real-Time SPC Monitoring and In-Line Dimensional Verification

Cost of Quality and
Product Manufacturability Analysis  

Laboratory Analysis and Electrical Testing Programs

  • Full Metallographic Lab

  • Industry Standard Material Assay Lab

  • Electrical Testing
  • Endurance / Overload Testing Under Motor Load Conditions (Test voltage 480V @ 60hz Currents Up to 540Au)
  • Erosion, Heat Rise Analysis, and Bounce Measurement Testing

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Closed Loop Material Reclamation
  • Carbon Use Reduction Initiatives
  • Partner Sustainability Programs

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For more information on Checon’s Quality Systems and Sustainability Initiatives, please visit our News and Resources.

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