Industrial, HVAC & Appliance Contact Markets

Checon's electrical contacts and power component subassemblies are typically used in low and medium voltage applications for a wide variety of electrical equipment.

Industrial Contactors and Controls

HVAC Motor Controls and Switches


Applications and Markets

Applications and Markets

Industrial Circuit Breakers
HVAC and Industrial Switches, Contactors, and Motor Controls
Industrial Push Button and Toggle Switches
Appliance Controls, Timers, and Thermal Cutoffs
Commercial Wiring Devices
Commercial Ground Fault Interrupters
Truck and Automotive Power Control Equipment


Materials and Products

Electrical Contact Materials, Forms, and Assemblies:

Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys
Powder Metallurgically Produced AgCdO or AgNi Strip, Wire, Tips, and other Discrete Contacts
Internally Oxidized AgCdO or AgSnO Strip, Wire, Tips, and other Discrete Contacts
Copper, Copper Alloy Substrates, Brazed Profile Contact Subassemblies, and Multilayer Tapes

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