Metal Joining

Checon employs various metal joining techniques to gain cost efficiencies, performance properties, or specific dimensional characteristics. Multi-layer base material tapes and coil strips are produced in our cladding operation to achieve these objectives before adding the electrical properties of silver and silver alloys for electrical contact subassembly applications.

Depending on print requirements, metal joining can include cold cladding multiple layers, hot bonding multiple strips, or even an in-line braze (Checon's proprietary Toplay process) of one or more silver wires or strips to a multi-layer base material. Silver and other precious metal alloys can also be attached to copper, copper alloy, and other base metal substrates through in-press, seam, and resistance welding, or furnace, induction, resistance, and flame brazing.

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Checon's clad contact products combine the unique properties of two or more materials, such as highly conductive copper and tensile strength steel, into one cost-effective composite base material. This configuration allows contact-resistant silver and silver alloys, such as silver cadmium oxide and silver tin oxide, to be added at only the most critical locations, including one-sided or double-sided inlay and full overlay for various industrial switch and circuit breaker applications.

Welded and Brazed Material Process and Product Capabilities

Continuous Seam Welding

Our contact tape department produces continuously welded tape for electrical contact, switch, and sensor applications. It consists of a cap made of precious metal and a base made of non-precious metal. Tape profiles can be rectangular or pyramidal and are available in a continuous, spool, or cut-to-length configuration.

Resistance Welding

Checon offers a wide range of high-speed automatic stamping and welding lines to meet the demand for springs and terminals from the electromechanical switch, appliance, and automotive industries.

Toplay and Furnace Brazing

Checon can braze in protective atmospheres with automated, high throughput techniques utilizing continuous mesh belt furnaces or Checon's proprietary Toplay process that ultrasonically scans 100% of the material for bond quality. These processes produce millions of electric contacts annually, including bimetal contact buttons, studs, and rivet-style contacts. Brazing produces unique geometries where other methods, like cold cladding or welding, are ineffective. The strong metallic bond of braze joints ensures their reliability.

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