Electrical Contacts

Electrical contacts, contact tips, and assemblies are the heart of Checon’s business, and our product offering is as broad as the applications specified by our customers. As the most critical component of the switch or circuit protection device, the quality of the contact material, its bond to the substrate, and its dimensional integrity are key to the principal function of the end product.

what we offer

Switching for Low Current
and Residential Products

Small quantities of precious metal contact materials, such as fine silver or silver nickel in tip, wire, or strip form, are frequently employed in lower-current, high-volume products used in wiring devices, appliances, and other residential or light industrial switching or circuit protection devices. These are joined to cold-rolled stainless steel, brass, or other copper alloys, including those with spring characteristics, utilizing effective joining techniques such as wire and tape welding or clad inlay integrated into a high-speed stamping operation. A stab-on connection or an extruded and tapped hole for the direct attachment of wires and wire harnesses are frequently included in the construction of these components as terminals.

Advanced Processes
for Industrial Products  

More demanding applications, such as electrical contactors used for motor starters, DC contactors used in electric vehicles, smart meters, and industrial switches for motors and lighting, often use metal oxide contact materials such as silver tin oxide or silver cadmium oxide, brazed or welded to heavy copper or copper alloys that are stamped or CNC machined substrates. Checon’s toplay, furnace-brazed, RapidOne-brazed, and inductance-brazed processes offer a superior bond interface while remaining highly cost-effective.

High Temperature Contacts for
Demanding Applications

Arc resistance for the most demanding applications, such as high voltage switching in the grid, high current switching of industrial automatic transfer switches, and highly reliable protection for industrial circuit breakers, requires a different class of contact materials. These applications favor silver tungsten, copper tungsten, silver tungsten carbide, and silver graphite, which are manufactured into individual tips through a series of specialized processes.

In addition, Checon can provide fully assembled contacts using resistance, inductance, and furnace brazing techniques, often on substrates produced in-house on our CNC machining and stamping equipment. These automated assembly lines ensure efficient and precise assembly of the contacts, reducing production time and costs. Furthermore, our RapidOne brazing system guarantees consistent and reliable bonding of the tips to the substrates, resulting in high-quality finished products.

Applications and Markets

  • Residential Wiring Devices
  • Appliance Motor and Heating Control and Circuit Protection
  • Residential Circuit Breakers
  • Pushbutton Switches
  • Aerospace Toggle and Circuit Breaker Switches
  • Motor Starters and Contactors
  • HVAC Definite Purpose Contactors
  • Electric Vehicle DC Contactors
  • Industrial Commercial and Warehouse Lighting Switches
  • Smart Meters
  • Industrial Circuit Breakers
  • Industrial Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • Tap Changers
  • Transformer Disconnects
  • Substation Switchgear

Wiring Devices and Switches


Residential and Commercial Circuit Protection

Electrical Contactors and Industrial Switches

Electric Vehicle DC Contactors

Smart Meters

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