Sustainability at Checon

As a responsible corporate citizen, Checon LLC, with operations in the United States, has set a target to significantly reduce its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions over the next two years.  Our company’s leadership has pledged to decrease Checon’s emissions by 50% by 2025, using the emission levels of the baseline year 2019 as a reference.

Growth Through Strategic Acquisition & Organic Market Expansion
Checon has experienced significant growth through its sale to Alloy Holdings, LLC at the close of 2021, and again, with a strategic acquisition in Q4, 2023. Both events have been compounded by expansion in its facility footprint, operations activities, infrastructure, and general systems and support programs.  This increase in activities was made more significant by the organic growth achieved in 2019 through 2022 from Checon’s penetration of crucial market sectors, primarily those emphasizing electrification and alternative energy distribution.  Notably, this overall expansion occurred simultaneously while accelerating the reduction in GHG emissions, a testament to Checon's commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices

50% GHG Intensity & Reduction Targets
2023 - 0.0000500926 l 22% Reduction
2024 - 0.0000308845 | 52% Reduction
2025 - 0.0000247414 | 62% Reduction

2023 Results*
Scope 1 - 237.10 (tons)
Scope 2 - 1,857.00 (tons)
GHG Intensity - 0.0000394808
Baseline Reduction: 39%

*2023 Performance Update
Checon achieved a notable 39% reduction in GHG intensity in 2023, surpassing the 22% target set for the year. When including the impact from acquiring a significant business entity, with two US manufacturing operations, Checon’s GHG emissions reduction dropped to 2%. These figures reflect both the success of ongoing initiatives and the challenges of integrating new operational assets, which were originally scheduled for 2024.

Strategic Growth and Environmental Impact
In 2023, Checon expanded again through a strategic acquisition, and enhanced its market presence in sectors critical for electrification and alternative energy, achieving significant GHG reductions through: 
Manufacturing and Process Efficiency: Checon continues to advance its manufacturing processes and integrate new facilities to bolster GHG reduction.
Renewable Energy Partnerships: By partnering with renewable energy providers, Checon aims to make significant contributions to its emission reduction goals by the close of 2024.
Digital Efficiency and Green Market Opportunities: Checon is both leveraging digital technologies to further decrease its environmental footprint, and continuing to pivot its market strategy away from industrial control into the new electrification grid.  

Looking Ahead
Checon remains dedicated to continuous improvement in sustainability, preparing to integrate its new acquisitions into its long-term environmental strategy effectively. The company's comprehensive plans extend beyond direct emission reductions to encompass broader supply chain impacts, ensuring readiness for future challenges without needing additional external resources.

For more information about Checon’s Sustainability programs, contact Ryan Powers, SVP, Operations Alloy Holdings, LLC at