Brian O'Connell

VP of Engineering, Alloy Holdings and Checon

Brian O'Connell recently joined Allied Holdings as Vice President of Engineering. He leads the Checon engineering, quality, and tooling teams as they expand their product capabilities in the electrification, electric vehicle (EV), power control, and power distribution markets. His extensive industry experience in process manufacturing, design, engineering management, and program and operations management makes him an excellent fit for this role. Brian also assists the Alloy Holdings partner companies' engineering and production teams with their technical and operational needs.

Before coming on board at Alloy Holdings, Brian was the Director of Program Management at Sensata Technologies, responsible for setting up and managing multiple remote manufacturing sites for the Sensors and Controls Product Group. Before his sixteen-year career here, Brian spent several years in engineering and manufacturing roles at Texas Instruments, focusing on manufacturing engineering, design verification, process stability, cost efficiency, and continuous improvement goals.

"Learning, contributing, and interacting with people get me to come to work each day," Brian says. "I have a genuine desire to build customer trust, and it drives me to focus our efforts on practical solutions, honest communications, and leaning into tough challenges," he adds.

Brian holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. After years of business travel, Brian is content to live in rural Rehoboth, MA, with his wife Tracy and their three children, Craig, Meaghan, and Kyle. There, he enjoys hiking, working out, golf, and woodworking