Frank Schaer

Plant Manager, Checon, Refractory Products Division

Frank Schaer is an experienced professional who serves as Plant Manager for the Refractory Products Division of Checon, located in Kersey, Pennsylvania. Having worked in the industry for over four decades, Frank held critical positions in plant management, engineering, and quality assurance before joining Checon. As manager of the Refractory Products Division, Frank oversees operations, engineering, and quality control. He played a significant role in developing the company's capabilities in 2016, including the design and execution of refractory materials manufacturing and engineering processes.

Frank holds an MBA in Business from Seton Hill University and has completed classwork for a Ph.D. in Communications from Duquesne University. His qualifications and expertise have helped him navigate complex business challenges and deliver optimal organizational outcomes. Frank enjoys spending time with his loved ones and vacationing in the Outer Banks to relax and rejuvenate when he's not at work.